Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thanks for a Great Year

We will be closing up the building tomorrow for the winter.   There were probably many tears shed after reading that, but don't worry--we'll open up again on March 1st.  I'll continue to post on the blog and we'll still be answering your horticulture phone calls during the winter.
We were able to get all our flower beds ready for their winter slumber thanks to the great help from our Master Gardeners yesterday.  We had another awesome work day at the gardens and were able to pull all the annual flowers out and till the soil for next year's plantings.

THANKS MASTER GARDENERS FOR A GREAT YEAR AT THE GARDENS!  We had such a wonderful year with so many accomplishments!  We couldn't have done a fraction of it without you. 

Hope to see you all at the Master Gardener Graduation on November 9th.  Call Kathy to sign up for the potluck.  Come for the great dinner and a free show! 

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