Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great Book for a Great Price

Trees of Utah by Sherm Brough and Darrell Weber
Identify the trees that grow around you or trees that you may want to plant.  Using the keys with visual diagrams, you can learn to identify different kinds of trees.  There are descriptions of 250 trees that grow in Utah.  In the book, Trees of Utah, there is information on the tree size at maturity which can help people decide what type of tree they should plant in their yard.  The common diseases for the different kinds of trees are listed.
Trees of Utah normally sells for $14.95, but they are offering it for only $7.00 per book plus $1 for shipping if you purchase 1 or more copies.

For this special price please email or call 801-830-6091

{This is a great book and a valuable one in my collection.  I use it often when helping people identify trees in their yards and what to plant as well.}

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  1. I enjoy the BLOG. Good job! I'll be in for a copy of the Tree book.