Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Look How Things Have Changed

I was trying to clean off my desk today--I know what was I thinking?  Anyway, I came across some pictures that were taken in 2006, the first year we started working at the Ogden Botanical Gardens.  I was shocked to see how much everything has changed.  The Gardens have seen a lot of improvements in the past five years and I'll show you some pictures to prove it.
Here is the area that we call the Outdoor Classroom.
 Last year our Master Gardeners helped us put in the beautiful walkway of crushed red rock and we also installed a dry stack wall around our flower beds.  We got rid of the windblown chokecherry and desolate jellybean island.  Quite the improvement--don't you think?
 Before we had a bark path and now we have a nice rock pathway.  Last spring these lovely steel arbors were installed.  One of our talented Master Gardeners designed and welded the arbors.  They are a great entrance into our Outdoor Classroom.
 Isn't it amazing what some pretty flowers, a rock wall and pathway can do to a drab existing landscape?
 I hope that you have enjoyed the changes here at the Ogden Botanical Gardens.  We love how all the hard work from staff and Master Gardeners has made our gardens so beautiful year after year.   We hope that we will continue to beautify each and every garden here.  Let's see what will happen in the next five years?

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  1. Love this segment on the blog. It is fun to see the results of the hard work from staff and dedicated gardeners. You've all made such a difference. Thank you for the pictures which are proof that change is good and you are doing an awesome job!