Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kathy Bardwell's Retiring

After working for Weber County and Utah State University for 21 years, Kathy our favorite friend is retiring.  We will miss her dearly and really don't know what we are going to do without her!  She has been the "glue" that holds the Ogden Botanical Gardens and the Weber County Extension office together. 
 Jerry always says that when Kathy retires he only has 2 weeks before everyone finds out that he is a fraud.  It's true!  Kathy put up with our procrastinating ways, she remembered our appointments better than we did, and always made everyone feel appreciated and needed!  The list of her many talents can go on and on and on.....  Kathy, we will miss you and want you to know that it has been a pleasure to associate and work with you! 
Please join us for Kathy's Retirement Celebration on Thursday, August 30 at 6-7:30pm at the Ogden Botanical Gardens.

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