Monday, May 3, 2010

What's Wrong with this Plant?

Okay everyone, I'm starting a new segment called "What's wrong with this plant?"  I'm hoping that it will help you to become better plant detectives and me a better teacher.  Susie and I were looking around the arboretum today and found some problems.  Let's see if you know the answer.  I will post the picture(s) and you can leave comments on what you think might be the problem.  It's okay to guess--just leave me a comment and I will post the answer in a few days, after I have given you a while to think about it.  So get your thinking caps on and start doing some detective work.  Master Gardeners--now is your chance to impress me and your friends.  Here's your first problem--let's see if you know the answer.  Clue: It's the same problem on both plants.


  1. My first guess is going to be frost damage.

  2. I agree with Andrew/Carlene. Looks like they were exposed to freezing temperatures.