Sunday, September 12, 2010

Master Gardener State Conference at the UBC

Jay Dee taking us on a tour of the Varga Arboretum
 On Friday, September 10th we were invited to the Master Gardener Conference hosted by Jay Dee and his fellow master gardeners.  We had a ton of fun driving the attendees to their various classes around the Utah Botanical Center.  We were able to learn about raspberries and blackberries, heirloom vegetables, tree identification, peach pests, and wind tunnels for extending the veggie season. 
Dave Anderson introducing us to the Wetland Discovery Point building
For those of you who didn't attend--I'm sorry.  It was a great conference and we got to meet master gardeners from all over the state and hear from our favorite extension agents.    We hope that you can join us next year.

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