Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Master Gardeners Have Talent

Have I ever told you how great our Master Gardeners are?  Well, if I haven't lately, let me show you and I have the pictures to prove it.
Kay and her Masterpiece
Take for example one of our Master Gardeners, Kay Ballif.  Kay invited us to her home to see her beautiful flower beds this past month.  She flattered us by saying that she designed her flower beds with the method that Susie and I taught her in the Master Gardener course.  Well of course, we had to go and see her handiwork for ourselves. Ta da!
Kay's Front Flower Bed
Aren't they so colorful and fun to admire?  Kay has done a phenomonal job on her yard!  The flowers are gorgeous and she has a eye for color.
A Color Collage
 I think I need to take a class from her.  One of the my favorite parts of her yard is her potted plants.
Potted Plant Paradise
Kay has taken a full flower bed and miniaturized it (I know miniaturize is not a word, but I like it) and put it into a container.  And her containers look great!  They are still alive, which is nothing short of a miracle for living in a desert.  They are lush, full of color, and perfectly arranged. 
More "Miniaturized"  Masterpieces

See, we do have the best Master Gardeners and Kay is just one of the many amazing people that we get to rub shoulders with here at the Ogden Botanical Gardens.  Thanks Kay for the invitation and for sharing your talent with us!

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