Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daffodils in the Garden

The daffodils have started blooming in our little aspen grove. It is so much fun to see a pop of color in the gardens when everything is still slowly waking up from it's winter sleep. Daffodils are a great addition to the garden since they can take care of themselves. Unlike tulips, deer despise them and there bulb does not get smaller as they get older. In fact, it's just the opposite. Daffodils will naturalize, which means that their bulb will continue to divide and the clump will get bigger over time. We love their little cup and saucer faces and the warmth they bring to a bleak landscape this time of year.

The trick when designing with daffodils is to use a lot of them close together. Have you ever seen one daffodil on it's own? It's not a pretty site and you probably wouldn't even notice it. Planting large numbers of them will give the impact you are lookin for. There are many colors and varieties to choose from. Plant some early, mid and late blooming daffodils in your garden this upcoming fall and you too will be able to enjoy them next spring. They truly are worth the wait.

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