Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mother Nature's April Fool's Joke

What's up with all the snow? It's April and we have a lot on our to-do list here at the gardens, just like I'm sure you do in your own yards. There is pruning that needs to be finished, cleaning out all the perennial junk from last year, weeding, and raking. Instead Susie and I are forced to stay inside and clean up the building. It's a necessary evil and unfortunately it really needed to be done. We got our tool closet organized, which has never been done, washed walls (Uck!),and vacuumed up the sawdust from our recent construction project. Yah, we are getting a kitchen in our classroom.

We are so lucky here at the gardens to work with wonderful master gardeners--you know who you are. Everyday Susie, Jerry & I marvel at all the wonderful things you do for us. We are excited that a new kitchen area is underway behind our classroom. It looks wonderful with a new slate floor, a tiled counter, a sink, and cabinets. It truly is a work of art and the nicest thing in our building. Jerry said that we will be teaching classes in there from now on.

When it is finished I will post a picture. So stayed tuned and don't let Mother Nature trick you too.

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