Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Master Gardeners--I'm Sorry

Let me apologize about cancelling our Clean-up Day this morning. With all the rain last night and forecast for more I decided this morning to cancel the work day. After Kathy called some of you and told you the news, more Master Gardeners showed up ready to work.

We were able to clean up all the rose clippings in the Rose Garden and then moved onward through the Horseshoe bed. The rain cleared up and by the end of the day we were working in the sunshine. The gardens look amazing--in fact, it's the best the Horseshoe bed has looked in a long time! So, thank you so much for coming out and helping us weed, pull out stumps, take clippings to the green dump, dig out iris and the dreaded yarrow. We think that all you Master Gardeners are wonderful and we thank you for all the hours that you have put into our gardens. They truly look spectacular because of you!

As always we look forward to working beside each of you this upcoming year. Hopefully the weather will cooperate next Clean-up Day, which is May 4th, only 3 weeks away. Again, I'm sorry about the last minute cancellation this morning. Darn Mother Nature is always tricking me.

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