Monday, May 16, 2011

Change of Dates for Planting & Annual Flower Sale

Okay, this weather is really dragging us down.  Hopefully it will make up its mind--is it going to be hot or cold, rain or shine?  Who knows?  Well our plants in the greenhouse are still trying to make up their minds too!  Some days they are growing and then other days they just like to "veg" and stay very small.  Most aren't ready to be planted or sold.
So we've made a decision about planting our annuals this year.  We are going to wait and we'll hold off on planting for two more weeks and we'll have the leftovers for sale that same week.
Here is the plan:
Tuesday, May 31st 9am--Meet at the Ogden Botanical Gardens to move all the annuals from the greenhouse to the gardens where they will be prepped for planting the next day.
Wednesday, June 1st 9am--Plant all the annual beds
Thursday, June 2nd 2-6pm--Annual Flower Plant Sale
Call Kathy at (801) 399-8201 or email her to sign up to help us move, prep, or plant the gardens.  Thank you!

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