Monday, May 2, 2011

Update: Weed & Feed Day Tomorrow

We had a lot to say about “bark” recently in our notice about tomorrow’s Master Gardener Day at the Ogden Botanical Gardens.  Unfortunately, the company supplying the bark had their mill break down and cannot deliver it in time.  We’ll plan on it next month.

We are really looking forward to having you come tomorrow, so we’ve come up with a new “game plan”.  Here’s the projects we will be working on and what you could bring as far as tools and equipment.

1.      Moving compost – shovel, gloves, wheelbarrow--if you have one
2.      Weeding – trowels and gloves
3.      Edging beds – flat edging shovel/tool if you have one
An example of an edging shovel or....

A Half-Moon Edging Shovel
4.      Transplanting – gloves, and we will set up tables out front

We are still having our Cinco de Mayo lunch—Taco Bar—and appreciate all of you who have contacted us to help bring something.  We are excited, too, about our “Weed & Feed” with Dan Wheelwright sharing his wealth of information about trees.

See you there.

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