Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Diagnostic Clinic of the Year

Yesterday was our first diagnostic clinic of the year.  We start our Plant Diagnostic Clinics every Wednesday from 3-6pm starting in May until the end of September.   Bring in samples or digital pictures of your troubled plants and we will help you solve their problems.  Here are some examples of plant problems that we saw last year:
Saw Fly on an Austrian Pine

Herbicide Damage on a Maple

Oak Gall on Scrub Oak

Maple Leaf with Anthracnose

We have a great, skilled team of Master Gardeners that will try to solve all your plant mysteries. 
Ogden Botanical Garden's Plant Detectives
Please come and see us throughout this growing season and will help you with all your plant problems!

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  1. how deep do scrub oak roots grow?