Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Name That Weed: Answer

Update:  Lynn come and claim your prize.  You knew that this weed is houndstongue.
I know that all you followers have been glued to your seats just waiting to hear the answer to 'Name That Weed.'  The wait is over.  The answer is Houndstongue.  As I walked around the gardens today I noticed it in a lot of the beds and I pulled it as I went.  Houndstongue is an annual weed and germinates from seed.  It is fairly easy to control and I believe that by digging it out or using a hoe before it goes to seed will save you a lot of heartache in the years to come. Its leaves are hairy and rough like a dog's tongue, hence it's name.  It is a prolific seeder and its seeds have a great way of sticking to your clothes or animals and being moved to different areas.  So if you see this offender--pull it and you can admire it's pretty purple flowers from your garbage can.  If you would like more information click here.

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