Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Name That Weed

Weeds are popping up right and left every where.  Which plants are weeds and which plants are flowers, is a question we get asked all the time.  The sad thing is that many times pesky weeds fool us into us into to thinking that they are a desirable plant.  We cultivate them and admire them until they set seed and they spread all over our gardens.  Then we see a post on a blog and realize that those sneaky weeds have "weasled" their way into our gardens.  So I'm here to educate you on some of our worst offenders in our gardens and hope to spare you of mistaken identities.

I have a prize for anyone who can tell the name of this weed and how to control it.


  1. Can you show just one plant and the leaves to help us out on this? Too much green and not enough detail of the plant you are asking about.
    I love this idea. I always want to know "what is THAT?" in my yard.

  2. Those plants are Houndstongue. As a biennial and broadleafed it can be controled with 2-4D, but may need to be treated multiple years.